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8 March - International Women's Day.

Despite the word "International", it seems that this holiday is only celebrated in Russia, Ukraine and former Soviet republics!

The 8th of March is a national holiday and a day off. Several nations celebrate this, but only a few acknowledge it as an official, non-working holiday. The 8th of March is one of the favorite holidays for most Russian women and along with New Year and Christmas and St.Valentine's Day, it is also one of the most romantic holidays.

The 8th of March, Women's Day, is an amazingly beautiful holiday filled with tenderness. Every year, when spring comes the "strong" half of the world from a young schoolboy to an old general with rich mustache worships the "weak" one. All the ladies receive presents, flowers, poems, text messages and simply kind words and wishes. This is the day when women get the particular attention from men and positive emotions are felt everywhere.

Not everybody knows the history of the holiday we celebrate so widely every year on March, 8. The beginning was the following.

Even ancient Rome knew women's day celebrated my matrons. That was the day, when matrons (free-born married women) received presents from their husbands and enjoyed their love and attention. Female slaves were given presents as well and a senior woman at home allowed them to have a day off. Wearing their best attires, with fragrant flowers in their hair, Roman women came to the temple of goddess Vesta, who was believed a hearth guardian.

Much time has passed since then. Women decided to change their life, struggle for equal rights with men.

March 8, 1857 women working in the textile industry of New York City walked along the city streets to protest against low wages and bad working conditions.

In 1908, this same day, their granddaughters demanded the prohibition of children's labor, improvement of working conditions at the factories and giving women a right to vote. A year later the Socialists' party of America announced the last Sunday of February as National Women's day. In 1910 at the international women's conference in Copenhagen Klara Zetkin suggested an annual celebration of International Women's day on March 8 in the memory of the events in New York.

In Russia this holiday has been celebrate since 1913 and is widely spread. Some countries do not consider this date a holiday, though. By the way, not all the countries announced it as a day off. The Roman women are the luckiest in this regard, as this wonderful day of Love, Beauty, Spring devoted to women has been a holiday for many centuries for them.

What do women expect of March 8?

First, declaration of love, admiration, delight, compliments on their heaven beauty - both inside and outside.

Second, their role in relations, family life, work and whole country being highly appreciated. This should be announced at least once a year by a man, boyfriend, husband, boss and the country leader, respectively.

Third, little surprises, flowers, presents and other signs of attention. Well, even if nobody attaches any importance to such things, it is pleasant anyway. Most surely every married lady in Russia will receive some gifts, why should your lady remain unneeded without a flower and a greeting card?

The 8th of March is the main spring holiday in Russia when all women without any exception feel happy, gorgeous, desired and the most beloved!

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