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Some more questions.

If I pay for membership, will my letters be delivered to the girls' addresses?

All the girls have Internet access and they are able to read their mail themselves (as a rule, they have Internet at home or go to some Internet club). We do not believe in possibility to build the relationship when people exchange messages once in two weeks. If they want to build up the relationship and learn each other well, people should communicate as much as possible. It is possible only when the girls visit the site regularly and read their messages on their own, so that they could answer the men immediately.

How many letters can I send during the month (I want to buy Gold for a month)?

You can send and read as many letters as you want while you are a Gold or Silver member.

Can I see if my letter was read by the lady?

Yes, you can always go to your Outbox and see which letters were read by the lady and which were not.

Can I buy a lady's address? I want to write her a letter.

No, we do not sell girls' addresses. As well as you, they have their right for safety and privacy. They register at the site and answer the mail they get. They can also write to men themselves. If they like somebody, they can share their personal email with the person and communicate through it.

How can I see the status of a lady (I mean the membership status: free (unpaid), silver, Gold)? How many ladies at least have paid for silver or gold membership? What if I am interested in a lady, but she has only free (unpaid) membership? How can she answer me???

All the ladies that you see are gold, although we never make our women pay. Limited girls are not seen, since before we check the lady and see if she is a scammer or not we do not open her. Thus, all the ladies you see can answer you. They are absolutely free either to write to you first or answer your message.

I sent letters to approximately 30 to 40 ladies, I think, I am interested in them. But I have a question. Will each lady receive my letter ? I have fear, that the lady can automatically select on her account, from which men (criteria like age, country...) she wants to receive letters?

No, it is impossible for ladies. Ladies receive messages from all men who write to them. But, of course, some of them check their mail regurarly (each day or several times a day), while the others do it once a week or even can be now absent on holiday. You can go to your outbox and check which letters were read and which were not. And, of course, a lady can answer you or - let us be realistic! - keep silent since she does not like you.

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