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If you are ready for a new adventure which led you to a happy family and successful marriage then you are on your right way. With the help of our site you will be able to find thousands of Russian beauties, who are searching for a serious relationships and marriage with a foreign man. Don’t wait for too long and just listen to your heart carefully! All that you need is to register on the site, add some good photos of you and the information about your personality.

Russische und  ukrainische  Frauen Mujeres solteras rusas incontri donne russe Russische vrouwen zoekt mannen международные знакомства   

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    Анна, 35 y.o. from Russia

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    Lida, 27 y.o. from Russia

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    Olga, 39 y.o. from Russia

Photos of the women with the highest rating in photo contest

  • Suzana ,35 ye.
    Belarus , Minsk

  • Ольга ,41 ye.
    Russia , Chelyabinsk

  • Anna ,42 ye.
    Russia , Saint Petersburg

  • Оксана ,31 ye.
    Russia , Vladivostok

  • Luolia ,34 ye.
    Germany , Jena

  • Ирина ,43 ye.
    Ukraine , Mykolayiv

  • Cvetlana ,43 ye.
    Belarus , Mogilev

  • Ирина ,31 ye.
    Russia , Moscow

  • Aina ,32 ye.
    Russia , Moscow

  • Tatiana ,45 ye.
    Russia , Saint Petersburg

  • Ирина ,43 ye.
    Ukraine , Mykolayiv

  • Luolia ,34 ye.
    Germany , Jena

The way it works:

The first step you should take for to find your second half is to register on the dating site. Afterwards you will be able to search for the girl you like and find interesting for you and to start communication which can be the beginning of something special for both of you.

You can be sure that our site is one of the most safe in Internet due to the special antiscam program. During the communication with the help of letters, you can chat, exchange photos, post-cards, play different games together…

There is a special service on the site with the help of which you can see the last girl’s visit on the site. So if you have just enter, your profile will be on the first place. The more often the girl enters the more closer will be her profile to the beginning of the search. Why you need this for? The answer is very simple, as while searching for the woman using search feature you will see firstly those women who visit the site regularly.

But from those who are rarely comes on the site is less likely to get an answer (he/she may have a correspondence with someone or is no longer interested). That is why both men and women prefer to write to people who have recently been on the site. So if you want to get a lot of emails, no problem, just come frequently to the site and you will be at the top of the search and will always get a lot of letters.

The problem which one can face while writing the letters to the women is that they can not write the reply. Why such things happen? Due to the special antiscam program you can be sure that all the women

on our site are real. The reasons why the woman doesn’t write the reply can be different. The main thing is not to be angry with this and just continue the search of that one who will answer you.

We can just recommend you to make some simple steps which will help you to become more interesting for the females. First of all place some good photos of you. The photos should be good-looking, impressive and attractive. We advise you to put your photos in different conditions: at home, at work, while travelling, where you relaxed and smile. Try to avoid photos with alcohol or a cigarette in your hand. Naked photos or something like that are also not so attractive to women, sometimes even disgusting and they won’t excite them at all.

Women want to see your open face and your frank eyes. It is very important to place EXACTLY good photos as they give the first impression, the first general idea of who you are. The second step to become interesting for others is to make a good and full description about yourself and who you are. If the woman finds your photos good-looking she will definitely look through your profile information. After what she can be first who will start writing to you. Just be active, positive and frank and you will find your second half (or she will find you first).

This is true that it's difficult to know the person when you cannot hear him and see him... But anyway you need to start and to spend some time together to know each other and let your heart fall in love.

When the day will come and both of you will get ready to say by words "I LOVE YOU" then this time will be very important. Just let this feelings, needs and emotions to happen; and only time will show you the way you need to take together to feel it…


  • “The whole world have heard about the power of Russian women, that is why they are denied visas. Women of all nationalities hate them, because beauty is unfair and against this unfair should be a fight...”.
    Russian Women.

Russian Women and Russian Brides.

There are more women than men in Russia and Ukraine (in Ukraine it is more than 3 million and in Russia it is more than 10 million). There are many reasons for this. The most popular among them are: difficult working conditions, alcoholism and backward medicine and there are few men ready for marriage and family life. More over it is very difficult for women to get married after 30. Maybe that is why Russian and Ukrainian women often turn to dating sites in search of happiness.

There is no doubt that the Russian brides are very beautiful. This fact is indicated by almost all the foreigners who have visited Russia and especially Ukraine. But what is the secret of their beauty? Not only a charming smile, a beautiful oval face, blue eyes, ability and desire to dress up and follow the figure, the secret is in their kindness, the ability to empathize .... Which quality do you like most… - you can choose.

Certainly among the huge number of women who register on dating sites there are many crooks who only need money. But according to experts there are not more than 0.1% of them. We believe that on our website there even less of them, because we are fighting with scammers. And 99.9% of women here are really looking for happiness and love. If you will be able to find here a reliable and loving woman to share your life with then the reward exceeds the risks.

Did you know that a young married Russian women is extremely feminine, passionate, sensual and grateful? Its sweetness 'romantic' makes its quest to accomplish and a report affectionate. Sexual relations are not working hard for her. On the other hand, the pleasure and beauty of it to the mutual satisfaction.

One more thing to pay your attention is that almost 80 % of Russian and Ukrainian women who register in the dating site have universities degrees and good English speaking skills. They are mostly educated women who realize and feel themselves in ability to find a good, reliable, carrying and honest man from another part of the world, who will make her a queen of his life and she will make him her king!

In Russia and Ukraine most young girls get marry at 18 to 25. And this is their main difference from the western women. Russian women do not put their career and their family happiness on the scales. Career is very important, but love and family is most important. Most women under 27 already have one child, and many of them have even two. Definitely we can say that a strong happy family and children are on the first place for Russian woman and only after there will be success and only later career.

Advantages of this dating agency.

During many years our site helps people to unite their lonely hearts. We help Western men to meet the beautiful Russian women. Our aim is to help people to find their second half. We give a splendid opportunity to chat with each other; we help to organize meetings and to satisfy with people’s personal life and needs. People are the architects of their own destiny. We create the circumstances to bring whatever we want in our lives. Our site can help you with it.
We are very proud of the amount of people who found their second halves on our site. During the spring-summer seasons of 2011 there were more than 250 marriages among the people who met on our site. In autumn and winter the quantity is less as people do not take the vocation for travelling to another country so often.
Single Girls Each year many women and men register in our marriage agency and search of happiness and love. Every year thousands of people find each other, many of them are very happy. During this period, dating for marriage became even more urgent. Internet - technologies make it possible to look for dating, love and affection in every corner of the world. People can talk and get to know each other for a long time before going on the first meeting.
We are doing our best to keep the site the best and safest one in Internet due to our anti-scam program. You can find here more than 20 000 Russian and Ukrainian women who are looking for serious relationship, happiness and LOVE. You can be sure that all the women on our site are real, they are checked before activation by several managers and only those who pass this check get their profiles activated.
You have to understand that our site is not “mail order” bride site, so you receive only genuine letters from women who wrote these letters by themselves.
Our site has a very good support. If you have some questions regarding the work of the site then write to support chat and our managers will do their best to answer all your questions.
So with the help of our site you have all chances to find your love and the one to live a happy life together.
Our marriage agency - this is your bridge to a bright future with a beloved one.

Photos of Russian Girls with the highest rating in bikini

  • Tasha, 29 y.o.

  • Ирина, 20 y.o.

  • Дарья, 35 y.o.

  • Наталья, 18 y.o.

  • Alina, 26 y.o.

  • Nina, 39 y.o.

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