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Where are the real men? - Next to the real women of course!

Many married women, after the expiration of the honeymoon, one day realize that they do not live with the handsome prince, whom they were married to. Why is this happening?

The fact is that when a woman marries, she thinks she will be able to change all the negative traits of her husband, if there any. Often these changes are associated with training. That is the first mistake of the wife. You are deeply mistaken, thinking that family life is something between a circus and a training-school for dogs .

Your husband is a person in the first place, and a man on the second. If you start to break down these two aspects of his character with constant accusations, demands and ultimatums, then you risk to get a man who will be sitting on the sofa all days long doing nothing, or simply sitting under your thumb, while you will solve all family problems, educate children, earn money, etc.

Do not transfer the duties of men. Many women say that it is easier to make something yourself than to ask the husband to do it. A few years later they will start telling scary stories about how her husband does not do anything about the house, does not raising the children, etc. But before telling these stories, try to remember how you distilled the husband off the gas-cooker, shouting, for example: "Go away! You have all burned! ". Or when he wanted to dress his little son, and go for a walk with him, you attacked him with cries: "What do you put on him? Get away! Where’ve only your hands grown up? ". And how you have criticized his methods of upbringing the children? Would you want to do something after this?

The woman was created to be a pillar and a support for her husband; for to be his friend. If you were married this man, then you were absolutely happy and satisfied with what you get. Do not humiliate him in front of others (especially your children) and never compare with someone. And do not talk all sorts of nasty things about him behind the back. This will not solve the problem, but only add fuel to the fire. When you discuss your spouse, first of all you are losing credibility in the other people’s eyes.

In this age of modern emancipated women, most of them forget that for a long time the husband was considered to be the head of the family and the woman was obliged to listen to him. His wife was like a neck of the head, an assistant in all the questions.

Now many people say about the crises of family relationships, the large number of divorces, but nobody thinks that this is the women’s fault. Everyone is looking for the perfect man, but nobody thinks about her own perfection. All the husband’s have been criticized, but no one criticized the wives.

Listen to your man, delve into his problem, ask him about his work (even if it is related with something incomprehensible), consult with him, ask his permission (even if you will do in your own way), ask for help… Any man wouldn’t refuse his wife, who asks to do something with gentle voice, but not screaming like "how long can you lie doing nothing..." And one more, respect his hobbies and friends. Believe me, it might be interesting for you too.

One last tip. Never turned into frights, spiritually, psychologically and externally. Once this happens to you, you can assume that you have lost your prince. A man will not stay with the woman which is not interesting for him.

If you'll remember that you are "married," than in front of your eyes an absolutely real man will appear . This can be achieved only through human respect, but not a constant training. So real men can be found only near the real women who understands and knows all the above!

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