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1. Old rule: Spend all your leisure time together. And be suspicious if your spouse wants away-from-you time.
New rule: Occasionally go out with friends -- without your spouse. It's normal and even necessary, and will enrich your marriage.

2. Old rule: Seek professional counseling to help a troubled marriage.
New rule: Make a good marriage great from the start by learning helpful relationship skills taught through couples' workshops.

3. Old rule: Husbands and wives should divide housework equally.
New rule: Do chores according to whichever partner has the appropriate skills, time and inclination to do them.

4. Old rule: A couple's romantic relationship must always take a backseat when they become parents.
New rule: After you have a child, it's crucial to make your marriage the priority.

5. Old rule: The true test of a marriage is how well you get through the big crises.
New rule: The little, everyday things -- both positive and negative -- are what really determine a relationship's success.

6. Old rule: To have a strong marriage, choose a partner who shares the same background as you.
New rule: For a strong union, it doesn't matter if your backgrounds are different; your negotiating and compromising skills are more important.

7. Old rule: Sex is less important the longer you're wed.
New rule: Keep marriage sexually satisfying -- no matter how many anniversaries have passed

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