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Russian Women.

"The Russian beauty is not confined only to literature and forests, its main setting is women. American women are too healthy, big and strong, French women are too capricious, German women are too athletic, Japanese women are too submissive, Italians are too jealous, English woman are drinkers. Russian women are too beautiful and patient. The whole world have heard about the power of Russian and Ukrainian women, that is why they are denied visas. Women of all nationalities hate them, because beauty is unfair and against this unfair should be a fight"

F. Beigbeder. "Ideal"

russian women
Russian! - We always proudly answer when admiring foreigners ask about our nationality while being at the resort . And why not - it's nice to classify yourself to the representatives of the most beautiful women in the world. But is it true? Are we really considered to be the most beautiful and where this expression comes from?
Lets refer to the statistics. This year, a vote was taken: the respondents answered the next question: "Women of what nationality do you think are the most attractive?" - 54% of respondents believe that the most beautiful women live in Russia. 27% - believe the most attractive women’s homeland is in the country of Rising Sun. 14% of voters answered the classic opinion, that the most beautiful woman in the world are those in France. The same number believe that the true home of the beauties is Germany. And only 5% of the votes were given to Italy.
Cosa cercano nei paesi lontani e sconosciuti?

Each nationality has its taste and preferences. Many people often do not like women of other nationalities. But in general, according to the interview “what are the most beautiful women (except your own nationality)” the respond was – Russian women.
What is the secret of Slovenians’ beauty and appeal? In fact it is not so much about our beauty or the way we look like, or that we are better than others - the question is in the way we are presenting ourselves. While the majority of European women refuse to use cosmetics in everyday life, the Russian woman thinks it is beneath her dignity to appear at work with no makeup.
From the conversation with the HR-director of a major cosmetics company, which has its representative agency in Russia:
"While interviewing women for a job, they are asked the question: “Why do you use makeup for?” - Most European women’s answer is: “To look and feel better, more confident at work”. The Russian candidates’ answer to this question is: “To look better, be more attractive to men".
russian beauty
Europeans pay little attention to how they look like in the other people’s eyes. The main thing for them is to feel confident and enjoy themselves first. Whatever Beigbeder said, the women of every nation has its own attraction secrets and strengths..
German women are differ by their efficiency, self-disciplined and thoroughness, accuracy and attentiveness in a daily-life, which is not always work at Russian. One my friend from Russia who recently married a German, told me that they were not talking with each other for the whole week because of the quarrel. The reason for such a quarrel was the husband’s sentence told to her: "What have you been doing the whole day long sitting at home? The windows haven’t been washed for 3 days!!!!"
French women distinguished by their extraordinary charm; once you can see a little grey girl walking in the street but you can not take your eyes off her. They are very attentive to little details. They can use no makeup at all but their hair is always packed, they dressed immaculately, and a light elegant perfume adds to their probity.
Japanese women are well known by their reserved and easygoing nature. It is something wild and wrong to them to argue with the husband. In the eastern family responsibilities, as a rule, clearly divided: the man must work and the woman should keep the House.
The main thing that distinguishes them from us is that they are not concentrating on the external appearance, but mostly on the personal needs. Women all over the world are guided to comfort, naturalness because it is more convenient and easier. But our women can not let themselves to look neglectful or awkward. The same is about the clothes and shoes. No matter what the weather is like outside, it can be rain, ice, cold, hot - a Russian woman will be proudly marching on high heels. And for Russian women it will be no matter if it is inconvenient for her, the main thing is to feel and to know that she looks good!

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russian women

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