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Russian wives.

russian wives
In Europe the girls on high heels are met very seldom, and mostly for an evening out. While choosing the clothes Russian women are also guided by appearance and not comfort. But it's not so much about the beauty as in the collective image of our women. She is not only very beautiful, she is also a good housekeeper, a wonderful cooker and if to talk about the world’s popularity exactly Russian wives.. are very popular.
Who else will be able to cook a full dinner after a hard working day; always remember about the gifts to the 23d of February, when he forgets about the chamomiles to the 8th of March; to abandon a brilliant career for the sake of the family?!!!! Feminism hasn’t affected our women - they are happy to be given a sit at the subway, to be paid at the restaurant and to be protected by someone. The foreign women who fight for the equality think it is a sign of weakness and discrimination, and we are pleased to be like that. Maybe it is not smart and defenseless but we are proud of that.
Russian girls
Most of Russian girls dream about a sweet home, a happy family and men can feel it. Although in recent years more and more women become business ladies, but most are still willing to sacrifice her brilliant prospects for the sake of her husband, for the sake of the child. Where else one can find such a miracle: beautiful, clever, good mistress, and ready to give everything she has for the personal happiness? But one of the most valuable of our women’s sides are patience (not a submission!), gentleness and simplicity. So, even knowing the statistics, and on catching the admiring glances of foreign men, we are smiling and pretended that we have no idea on how we Russian girls are good.

russian wives

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